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Port 587 unterstützt auch TLS, was bedeutet, dass du E-Mails sicher einreichen kannst. Wozu wird Port 465 verwendet? Port 465 war ursprünglich für SMTPS (SMTP over SSL) registriert. Nach einer kurzen Pause in dieser Funktion wurde Port 465 für eine andere Verwendung neu zugewiesen und veraltet I used it to create a postfix server listening on ports 25 and 587 (submission). Port 25 is unsecured and non-forwarding, port 587 only accepts secured connections. I needed this mostly for security. Quite a lot of companies block port 25 outgoing from their networks, so a standard has emerged for 587 as the secure smtp port

Configuring outgoing mail to port 587 on Ubuntu/Postfix

email - how do I change postfix port from 25 to 587

  1. dert, dass eine Email fälschlicherweise als Spam erkannt wird. Der zweite - schwierigere - Weg ist es die Emails direkt an die Empfangsserver zuzustellen. Dabei besteht aber das.
  2. SMTP relay host? ¶ Hier sollte man muss man statt dem Standardport 25 den Mail submission-Port 587 verwenden, z.B. so: relayhost = [mail.gmx.net:587] Arcor¶ Arcor-Internet-Kunden können über ihren eigenen Internetzugang ohne weitere Authentifizierung E-Mails mit beliebigem Absender versenden, sofern dieser eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse darstellt: Korrekten Absender setzen. Auch von.
  3. If you want to use port 587 as the submission port for SMTP mail rather than 25 (many ISPs block port 25), you will need to edit /etc/postfix/master.cf and uncomment the line submission inet n - n - - smtp
  4. Bevor ich Postfix (ver)konfiguriere, überprüfe ich, ob der SMTP-Server diese Zugangsdaten akzeptiert. Da die Zugangsdaten über STARTTLS übertragen werden, prüfe ich, ob der SMTP-Server dies überhaupt unterstützt. Im folgenden Listing wird der TCP-Port 25 verwendet. In Abhängigkeit zur konkreten Umgebung kann auch ein anderer Port wie z.B. 587 in Frage kommen
  5. Postfix is a powerful opensource mail server with a lot of customization options available built-in. I recently had a requirement to set up an Organization-wide mail server to perform SMTP relay to Office365 and allow our Java, JS, Python applications to send emails from different office365 email ids based on the Subject (or) the sender details

If your relay server is listening on a port 587 that becomes: How can I avoid 550 Relaying denied with postfix? 1. Sendmail SMTP not working on apache2 server [My unqualified host name (X) unknown] Hot Network Questions How to change the licence of Java project from GNU/ GPL to MIT / BSD / Apach All Mailgun customers should consider using port 587 as their default SMTP port unless you're explicitly blocked by your upstream network or hosting provider. Port 2525: This port is not endorsed by the IETF nor IANA. Instead, Mailgun provides it as an alternate port, which mirrors port 587, in the event the above ports are blocked 2525 can be changed to match the port that you wish to use. Save the file, and exit the text editor. Run /etc/init.d/postfix restart to restart Postfix. Configure the firewall to accept incoming connections. Add the new port to iptables by running: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 2525 -j ACCEPT, changing 2525 to the port you choose

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外部からPostfixに通信できるようにする. デフォルトではPCからPostfixに通信することができません。これを解決するためには iptables、OP25B対策、postfix の設定を行います。 . iptableで25番と587番を開放. iptablesの設定を変更しポートを開放します。 vi /etc/sysconfig/iptable CentOS7でPostfixで587番ポートを利用するまでの手順を記述してます Auf einem anderen Server habe ich eine weitere Maillösung (Postfix), die ich in diesem Fall als Relay verwende. Dieses nimmt unverschlüsselte Mails von authentifizierten Benutzern grundsätzlich über Port 25 oder 587 an. Gerne würde ich den Versand aber nun mittels eines selbstsignierten Zertifikats über TLS auf Port 587 übermitteln (was mit Mailclients auch problemlos funktioniert. Install Postfix 3 on Linux CentOS for sending e-mail over SMTP, SMTPS and STARTTLS A brief tutorial explaining how to install and configure Postfix 3 on a Linux CentOS 7.x machine to send e-mail using SMTP (TCP 25), SMTPS (TCP 465) and/or STARTTLS (TCP 587

# postfix from generating warnings all the time in the logs mydomain = local.domain myhostname = host.local.domain # Set this to your email provider's smtp server. # A lot of ISP's (ie. Verizon) block the default port 25 # to prevent spamming. So in this case we'll use port 587. relayhost = your.smtp.host:587. smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = ye Der Port des Relay-Hosts ist in der /etc/postfix/main.cf auf 587 zu setzen: relayhost = smtp.strato.de:587; Postfix mitteilen, dass TLS verwendet werden soll, ebenfalls in die /etc/postfix/main.cf kopieren: smtp_use_tls = yes smtp_enforce_tls = yes Postfix etwas die Strenge beim Verweigern von SSL-Zertifikaten nehmen: smtp_tls_security_level = may Ohne diese Zeile hat mein Postfix. 587 ist der genutzte SMTP-Port, da die meisten Anbieter nicht mehr 25 erlauben. Datenbank für transport erstellen

Postfix is a flexible mail server that is available on most Linux distribution. Though a full featured mail server, Postfix can also be used as a simple relay host to another mail server, or smart host. This tutorial will describe how to configure Postfix as a relay through Office 365 service, so using Exchange Online. Read More. If your ISP is blocking outbound port 25, you can set up your postfix system to relay mail through the ISP, such as in this example for Comcast. Honestly, though, if you're running your own mail service on an ISP that is blocking outbound port 25, you might want to consider switching service to a business internet provider that doesn't block port 25, or move your mail to a hosting provider. Ganz früher benutzte man SSL/TLS nicht über den normalen SMTP-Port, sondern ohne besondere Protokollverhandlungen über den sog. ssmtp- (oder smtps-)Port 465. Wer das unterstützen möchte, um auch Uralt-Clients Verschlüsselung zu bieten, muss die /etc/postfix/master.cf ändern und den zusätzlichen Service eintragen: smtps inet n - n - - smtpd -o smtpd_tls_wrappermode=yes -o smtpd_sasl. TCP Port 587 became the port for users to use when using SMTP to send a message where authentication is required. Connections that do not initiate TLS via STARTTLS on Port 587 should be dropped. Even though IANA dropped TCP Port 465 as an official port, many servers continued to require it and so most clients continued to support it. In January of 2018 Port 465 was brought back once again as.

I read that I should use Outgoing port 587 and SSL/TLS to do this. I can receive mail using incoming port 995 and SSL/TLS setting. I can NOT send (relay) using port 25 (can send to same-domain, but not outside the machine). I can send (relay) mail using outgoing port 465 OR 587 with STARTTLS setting In addition to using SMTP authentication you can tell Postfix to always relay email for certain IP addresses. The End users should not use port 25 but rather the submission service on TCP port 587 (as described in RFC 4409). The idea is to use port 25 for transporting email (MTA = mail transport agent) from server to server and port 587 for submitting (MSA = mail submission agent) email. I've got Postfix 3.1.3 running on FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE (last updated 1/2/17) at home, where my ISP blocks port 25, so I'm trying to go through Mailjet's SMTP relay. All the required settings as directed by Mailjet's online support are in place for sending on port 587 but Postfix is not even trying to send on port 587, as my /var/log/maillog regularly shows messages like this with every mail. The default email relay port 25 is closed by default on all new accounts, there are also other trial mode restrictions which would prevent the use of the ports 465 and 587. However, all of the restrictions can be lifted on request. You can read more about the email port restrictions at our guide on best practices to sending email The submission port. Although I have been talking about SMTP on port 25 to relay mails there is actually a better way: using the submission port on TCP port 587 (as described in RFC 4409). The idea is to use port 25 for transporting email (MTA) from server to server and port 587 for submitting (MSA) email from a user to a mail server

Wie man den richtigen SMTP-Port wählt (Port 25, 587, 465

  1. If the port 587 works for sending mail but you are unable to access the mailbox, it's likely that something is blocking the access specifically to the port 143. I'd suggest double-checking that it's allowed at the firewall, if enabled, and that Dovecot is not restricting IMAP to local IP addresses
  2. The three port names typically used for email are SMTP (port 25), SUBMISSION (port 465), and SMTPS (port 587). The SMTPS port is secure and requires that appropriate security certificates and protocols are used
  3. I just configured a home postfix server using dovecot sasl for authentication. S-nail is mua. I can receive email fine and email within local network but sending does not work. After checking the logs, when I sent a test email to gmail in this case it seems like it is trying to send the email on port 25 instead of 587, which fails because my isp and Gmail don't allow that port. I thought.
  4. 2. Configure Postfix. Edit the Postfix configuration file. sudo nano /etc/postfix/main.cf. Find the following line relayhost = about 6 lines up from the bottom of the file and delete it. Add the following to the end of the file. Make sure to replace smtp.example.com with your own SMTP server. The default SMTP port is 587, make sure you get the.

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Configure Postfix to Relay Mail to an External SMTP Server

  1. More and more internet access providers are closing port 25 to reduce spam except for connections to their own mailservers. If you run your own mailserver and have problems to connect to it on port 25, you can enable port 465 (smtps) in postfix as a workaround. Edit the /etc/postfix/master.cf file: vi /etc/postfix/master.c
  2. Wir müssen nun noch Postfix neu starten, dass können wir mit einem einfachen postfix reload erledigen, damit die neuen Einstellungen auch aktiv werden. Testen könnt ihr auch ob es funktioniert, am besten mit einem Windows PC auf Start dann auf Ausführen gehen und dort tippt ihr dann ein telnet mein.hostname.de 25, ganz klar dort euren echten Mailserver z.B. smtp.
  3. Getting postfix to relay SMTP/SSL/TLS to Charter/Spectrum. on November 17, 2020 November 17, 2020 by . Nstevens asked: I'm running Postfix on Debian as an MX for a small LAN and trying to get SMTPS working with mobile.charter.net over port 587. I followed a few links off google for setting this up along with a post on serverfault with a similar question. I've tried sending a few emails but.
  4. Der Standard-Port von SMTP ist der Port 25. Aber auch die Ports 2525 oder 587 werden häufig benutzt. Wollen Sie Outlook oder einen anderen E-Mail-Sammeldienst nutzen, sollten Sie den Port 587 verwenden. Nur über diesen Port ist eine ausreichende Verschlüsselung Ihrer E-Mails gewährleistet
  5. Since version 2.10, postfix has had a separate list for relay restrictions to reduce the risk of accidentally creating a permissive restriction list ( previously, relay and spam blocking policies were combined under smtpd_recipient_restrictions). If the empty recipient restrictions list looks strange to you, it's probably because the rules have been moved to the relay restrictions
  6. We can change this in Postfix to point to another port, for example port 587. Edit /etc/postfix/master.cf $ sudo nano /etc/postfix/master.cf . Add # in front of this line: smtp inet n - - - - smtpd. and add new line: 587 inet n - - - - smtpd. Restart Postfix $ sudo /etc/init.d/postfix restart. Check using telnet $ telnet localhost 587. Done; One thought on How to Change Postfix SMTP Port on.

Submission port 587 and relay

Configure Postfix to Relay over SMTP+SASL. Here, we will set up a Postfix installation that relays e-mails via another mail server with authentication. This is useful for several purposes: You already have a mail server, and want your web applications to send e-mail via local Postfix instead of directly connecting to your mail server from the application. This reduces latency in the. smtp [mta] - incoming mail to postfix ; port 465 smtps [mta] - incoming mail to postfix over ssl (Outlook only) port 587 smtp [mta] - Mail submission port over tls RFC 3207 specifies only the well-known port 25 and the Submission port, which is TCP port 587, for the STARTTLS command, the precursor for an encrypted SMTP session using TLS. It. By setting this option, you will instruct postfix to relay (hence the name) all incoming emails to the target server for actual delivery. Example: docker run --rm--name postfix -e RELAYHOST = -p 1587:587 boky/postfix You may optionally specifiy a relay port, e.g. Question. How to configure Postfix to send emails using SendGrid? Answer. Note: The steps below describe how to configure integration with 3rd-party service and should be performed on the server's administrator risk. Or consider this task to be handled by Plesk Professional Services Warning: any customization made in Postfix configuration can be overwritten by Plesk update (for example, in. Das bedeutet SMTP. SMTP steht für Simple Mail Transfer Protocol und ist Bestandteil einer Technologie, die viele von uns Tag für Tag nutzen. Beim SMTP Relay Server (auch genannt SMTP Server oder SMTP Relay, bzw. Smarthost) handelt es sich um ein Basisprotokoll, mit dem E-Mails über das Internet übertragen werden. Dieses Standard Protokoll dient dem Austausch von E-Mails zwischen.

How to configure Postfix relayhost (smarthost) to send

postfix gmail.smtp.com -port 587 Showing 1-4 of 4 messages. postfix gmail.smtp.com -port 587: bruce: 3/4/10 11:10 AM: hey. new to configuring postfix, got a few questions. Re: postfix gmail.smtp.com -port 587 : J. Roeleveld: 3/4/10 11:16 AM: On Thursday 04 March 2010 20:10:26 bruce wrote: > hey > > new to configuring postfix, got a few questions > If you ask them, we can try to provide some. How to enable port 587 in Postfix Posted by Vyacheslav 11.03.2020 Leave a comment on How to enable port 587 in Postfix By default, Postfix listens for connections on port 25/tcp and in this article I will show what needs to be done so that it starts to happen port 587 (submission), since for example in many mail clients when setting up mail, port 587 is offered by default

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  1. Postfix Port 587 freischalten - so geht es! Los geht es, wir gehen mit einem Editor z.B. vi oder dem integrierten Editor im Midnoght-Commander in die master.cf die meist in /etc/postfix liegt und ändern oben folgendes von. #submission inet n - n - - smtpd. ab, so dass es dann so aussieht (Raute wurde entfernt):.
  2. So könnt Ihr den Postfix Port 587 deaktivieren: nano /etc/postfix/master.conf Diesen Abschnitt kommentiere
  3. dest, können meine Leute, die AOL als Provider nutzen, nur noch sehr langsam Emails an unseren Server übermitteln. Laut AOL soll man dafür jetzt den Port 587 nehmen. Ich suche bislang erfolglos nach einem Howto wie man sowohl.
  4. According to RFC 4409 client mail submission to an email server is supposed to use port 587. Server to server SMTP relays are to use port 25. When I am not on site, I can't email via my work account via my iPhone or my residential internet because my ISP(s) filter port 25 to only allow traffic to and from their mail servers

#relayhost = [smtp.free.fr] # or relay SMTP on port of submission in SASL relayhost = [smtp.free.fr]: 587 While trying to verify my POSTFIX configuration by sending a mail to my_user_name@free.fr accoun What is SMTP Port 587? Port 587 is the default mail submission port that supports all types of SMTP data transmission. Supported by the majority of servers, this port is a popular choice for handling mail submissions. Combined with TLS encryption, SMTP port 587 ensures your emails are secure and delivered safely

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This document will explain how to use Postfix's relay_recipient_maps feature to reject mail that is not addressed to valid SMTP addresses on the internal mail server (in this case, a MS Exchange 2000/2003 server). So basically, mail for valid_user@domain.com would be accepted, while mail for nobody_here_by_that_name@domain.com would not. This saves Exchange from wasting resources generating. Postfix forwards mail only from clients in trusted networks, from clients that have authenticated with SASL, or to domains that are configured as authorized relay destinations. For a description of the default mail relay policy, see the smtpd_relay_restrictions parameter in the postconf(5) manual page, and the information that is referenced from there The possibility to use ports 25, 110, 143 and 587 either in the plain text (unencrypted) or secure (encrypted) mode comes from the Opportunistic TLS approach, according to which a STARTTLS command is invoked when an existing active plain text session is in place

I got a request today from someone on the software development team that reads as follows: According to RFC 4409 client mail submission to an email server is supposed to use port 587. Server to server SMTP relays are to use port 25. When I am not on site, I can't email via my work account via my iPhone or my residential internet because my ISP(s) filter port 25 to only allow traffic to and. Ports 587 (Submission with STARTTLS) and 465 (SMTPS) It is possible to use the STARTTLS port on Postfix in the wrapper mode with the smtpd_tls_wrappermode directive. Instead of showing the STARTTLS support and waiting for the request from a remote client, this option helps to run a secure connection from the very beginning. The following directive should be added to /etc/postfix.

Postfix: Mail-Relay mit SMTP-Auth via Submission/TLS für ausgehende Mails. Schreibe eine Antwort. Ein Server soll als Relayhost (oder in der Windowswelt auch Smarthost gennant) dienen. Wer keine feste IP Adresse mit passenden DNS Reverse Eintrag hat wird schlechte Chancen haben das ein richtig konfigurierter Mailserver die Mails annehmen wird. Die Lösung ist die Mails an einen anderen. First, configure Postfix to act as a mail relay: 465, or 587. These ports are used for SMTP access, and you do not want to allow incoming traffic to use your mail relay. If those ports do appear in the output, review this tutorial to learn how to remove rules or explicitly deny access. Normally, in order to set up an SMTP server using Postfix, your server's hostname must be the same as.

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Die Klasse postfix wird instanziert und grob vorkonfiguriert: auf allen Netzwerkinterfaces wird gelauscht. der Port 587 (Submission) wird geöffnet. der relayhost wird ohne Nachfrage nach MX-Records (deswegen die eckigen Klammern) konfiguriert This is probably done to reduce abuse and spam but now I'm not able to send email and local Postfix log file displays authentication failure message. How do I relay mail through my mail ISP servers using Postfix SMTP under Linux / UNIX like operating systems? Postfix has a method of authentication using SASL. It can use a text file or MySQL table as a special password database. Configure. To use the G Suite SMTP relay (recommended and most secure setup option): From the Admin console, click Apps G Suite Gmail Advanced settings. Add your network IP range to the SMTP relay service. Configure your device to connect to smtp-relay.gmail.com on port 25, 465, or 587 Use log level 3 only in case of problems. Use of log level 4 is strongly discouraged. Example: /etc/postfix/main.cf: smtpd_tls_loglevel = 0 To include information about the protocol and cipher used as well as the client and issuer CommonName into the Received: message header, set the smtpd_tls_received_header variable to true. The default is no, as the information is not necessarily authentic Postfix is a flexible mail server that is available on most Linux distribution. Though a full feature mail server, Postfix can also be used as a simple relay host to another mail server, or smart host. This tutorial will describe how to configure Postfix as a relay through Gmail

Port 587 and Port 588 - Email Message Submission Port Nowadays, port 587 is used for secure submission of email for delivery. Most of the client software are configured to use this port to send your messages. Almost all mail servers support this port You can bypass port 25 and send emails to outside world with SMTP relay because it uses port 587. 93 Connected to pepipost. Postfix SMTP listening ports ¶ The Postfix SMTP server listens on the following TCP ports. Dear Support, i'm trying to setup the email to sms function in NOW SMS Gateway. I can run telnet on port 25 and I can connect fine. When I try to send email to my linode, it get. It seems that your postfix tries to issue AUTH before issuing STARTTLS (-> it does not issue STARTTLS). AFAIK Gmail offers SMTP AUTH on ports 25 and 587 only after STARTTLS. AFAIK Gmail offers SMTP AUTH on ports 25 and 587 only after STARTTLS habe jetzt in der postfix main.cf das relay auf securesmtprelay.t-online.de und auch die zusätzliche passwortdatei angelegt und mittels postmap /etc/postfix/saslpass eingebunden da erhalte ich beim versuch eine e-mail zu verschicken die fehlermeldung certificate verification failed for securesmtprelay.t-online.de:25: untrusted issuer /C=DE/O=Deutsche Telekom AG/OU=T-TeleSec Trust Center/CN. Open Firewall Port: 587; Step 1: Remove/uninstall/stop postfix. Postfix is the default Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) in ubuntu. First, we have to remove postfix from ubunut, enter below commands to uninstall postfix. $ sudo apt-get remove postfix $ sudo apt-get purge postfix Step 2: Install Sendmail on Ubuntu 18.04/16.04 LTS. First switch to root user. $ sudo su. update the system database before.

Installed Postfix and configured to relay to ISP. WHen i send using the mail command it seems to have been sent. Looking at the /var/log/maillog file it indicates the message was sent but it does not appear at the receipent. Can you tell me how to debug this Postfix SMTP AUTH on Port 587 Issue: View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours Gentoo Forums Forum Index Networking & Security: View previous topic:: View next topic : Author Message; KCSB n00b Joined: 29 Jun 2005 Posts: 20: Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:09 pm Post subject: Postfix SMTP AUTH on Port 587 Issue: So I really, REALLY tried avoiding posting this, as I'm certain I am missing. # or relay SMTP on port of submission in SASL relayhost = [smtp.free.fr]: 587 While trying to verify my POSTFIX configuration by sending a mail to my_user_name@free.fr accoun The first setting to check is the interfaces Postfix is listening to. This setting is called inet_interfaces and by default configured with all. If you just want to relay messages to other systems, like sending outgoing emails, then there is no needed to listen on all network interfaces. Configure Postfix to listen only on the local interface

All modern (and serious) e-mail providers accept SMTP clients on ports 587 or 465 only, which forces the clients to use SSL/TLS cryptography to keep the information private. Compact PLCs (including the Simatic S7-1200) support SMTP mail transfer on port 25 only, they lack the ability to use SSL/TLS encryption That means using port 587 or 465. If you're using either of those ports, find the relayhost = [your server name] line... and add your port number after a colon, like this relayhost = smtp.oeru.org:465 . Next, add the following lines at the bottom of the file: # added to configure accessing the relay host via authenticating SMT Set up Postfix to Relay Mail to an External SMTP Server on CentOS 6. Posted on 10/10/2015 by Tomas. Part 5 of setting up a Linux home lab environment with VirtualBox. Check this blog post for more info. Postfix is a free and open-source mail transfer agent (MTA) that routes and delivers electronic mail. Software. Software used in this article: CentOS 6; Postfix 2.6; Install Postfix. Install. I have installed SASL and TLS with Postfix and configure Outlook with 587 port and tested the scenario successfully, after watching the video, you will be able to configure the Postfix Submission. Install sasld yum install cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-plain cyrus-sasl-md5 systemctl start saslauthd in /etc/postfix folder create file sasl_passwd and put username and password of mailbox which will be used as relay [smtp.office365.com]:587 user@domain.com:Pass To set default from to be this email open file /etc/postfix/generic Add this at bottom (this is amazon AWS instance) root@ip-1-18-23-1.

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You can choose to use alternative SMTP ports by appending the port at the end: relayhost = [relay.dnsexit.com]:26 5. Reload or restart your postfix: # /etc/init.d/postfix restart. Other notes about postfix: If the above settings don't work, you need to make sure the SASL support (smtp authentication) is compiled into Postfix. To do so, you may. > > Ok, Postfix war nicht in der Gruppe sasl. Aber macht das einen > > Unterschied? Wenn Port 25 funktioniert und Port 587 nicht? *verwirrt* > > Nachtrag: funktioniert so auch nicht... Das Du sasl verwendest, verwendest Du bestimmt auch cyrus. Ich habe auch noch cyrus in der Gruppe sasl mit drin Wie hast Du die den eingefügt. Mit adduser? Ich glaube, das Du sie mit adduser hinzufügen mußt. Configure PostFix to Use a Smarthost step-by-step guidance on how to routing all mails to a smarthost or a specific domain. Click here to read more.. 1. Introduction. This guide is designed to compliment the basic postfix guide.It is written for CentOS 7 and 8. Configuration will differ for CentOS 6. 2. What is SASL and do I need it

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How to change smtp port number 25 in postfix. Bydefault the SMTP protocol runs at port no. 25. You can change the port no. to any port no. other than below 2048. 0 to 2048 are IANA authorized known port no.but we have some other port no. also which are bydefault used by manyapplication for. eg. port no. 8080 for tomcat Ich möchte die DS als Mailserver für meinen ISP strato einrichten. Das macht keine Probleme, so lange ich noch über einen alten Account über Port 25 versende. Allerdings habe ich das Problem, dass neue E-Mail Postfächer, die bei strato nach dem 01.12.2013 eingerichtet wurden nur mittels einer.. >> 10-master.conf: service submission- { inet_listener submission { port = 587 haproxy = yes } } service lmtp { inet_listener lmtp { port = 24 haproxy = no } } >> 20-submission.conf submission_relay_host = postfix.mail-server submission_relay_port = 25 submission_relay_ssl = starttls submission_relay_ssl_verify = yes Then because it might help to give the other side of the connection. Führen Sie den folgenden Befehl aus, um den Relay-Host und die Nummer des Ports zu ändern zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMtaRelayHost pro.turbo-smtp.com:587 Richten Sie Ihre Anmeldeinformationen ein, indem Sie eine Textdatei wie die folgende erstellen

MailServe for LeopardHowTo: Get Around Comcast Port 25 Block with a Postfix ServerOpen Source: How To Install And Configure Postfix To SendSMTP Server endlich verständlich erklärt | Mailjet
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